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Is product management a good career entry point for new college graduate?---产品经理是否是大学毕业生一个好的职业开始?


A few years ago I hired a summer intern. He just finished his junior year at an Ivy-league school, majored in computer science. He was a very bright and balanced person. Not only he was a proficient programmer, he also had excellent interpersonal skills. I was very happy with his performance and recommended my employer to offer him a full-time position.


A year later, he called me. He had received multiple job offers. Most of them were software developer positions. But, he also got a job offer from Google for "Associate Product Manager" rotational program. The key selling point for the program was that the college graduates would work under Melissa Mayer, the celebrity Vice President of Search Product and User Experience at Google.

一年后,他打电话给我。说他已经收到了多个工作邀请。其中大多数是软件开发人员的职位。但是,他还得到了谷歌一个“Associate Product Manager”轮岗项目的工作机会。之所以打动他,是因为这些大学毕业生将在Melissa Mayer(梅利莎.迈耶)的手下工作,而她是谷歌内知名的负责搜索产品和用户体验的副总裁。

Google is a great employer and Ms. Mayer is a very capable executive. But, I have to say that I don’t like the idea to train new college graduates to become product managers.


To be an effective product manager, I believe there are five essential ingredients:


1.You need to have excellent political skill — entry-level product managers don’t manage anyone, but you’re responsible for a lot of things. You have to be able to lead by influencing, not by manager-subordinate relationship.


2.You need to have deep domain knowledge in order to set the right direction and requirements for the product you manage


3.You need to have the ability to think on your feet and make a lot of important judgment calls with regard to strategy, prioritization, positioning, etc.


4.You need to be able to communicate effectively to both internal and external audiences at the level they feel comfortable.


5.If you manage a technical product, you need to be comfortable with technology


Let’s examine a new college graduate’s skill set according to above five criteria.


Most college graduates are very inexperienced in dealing with office politics. There are exceptions. For examples, I have noticed that students who were heavily involved in student government in college tend to be more adept at handling politics. But, as a whole, new college graduates need a year or two (or even longer) to become better at handling work-place politics. Unfortunately, product management tend to be one of the most political jobs in a company because it’s cross-functional by nature, and you’ll be dealing with a lot of people with conflicted interests.

大多数大学毕业生都非常缺乏应对办公室政治的经验。 当然,也有例外。例如,我注意到,那些在大学中就积极参加学生会的往往更善于娴熟处理政治。但是,从整体上讲,新的大学毕业生需要一年或两年(甚至更长),才能在处理办公室政治上变的更好。不幸的是,产品管理往往是公司内最具政治性的工作之一,因为它跨职能的性质,你将不得不处理和许多人的利益冲突问题。

Domain knowledge is also very important. Let’s say you manage a product that servers call centers representatives. If you never worked in a call center or worked on related product, how do you know what features/enhancements should be added to the product? How do you know customers’ needs and pain points? Unfortunately, most new college graduates lack the domain knowledge.


I have no doubt that a lot of the new graduates can make decisions on their feet. However, as a product manager, the decision you make requires experience — e.g. which feature should be ranked higher? Which feature should be triaged? Should you roll back a new feature due to a limited system outage? How should the company react to a difficult customer’s unreasonable request? It helps if you have accumulated experiences in one or several areas in the company before you move to product management. Your experience will help you make better, more informed decision.

我毫不怀疑,许多新的毕业生可以敏捷地作出决定。但是,作为一个产品经理,你做出的决定是需要经验的 - 例如,哪些特征应该级别更靠前?哪些特征应该被分类?你如何把一个新的特征压到标准水平来应对一次有限的系统中断?公司应该如何应对难缠客户的无理要求?如果你在公司的一个或者几个领域积累了经验,那么这将有助于你转型为产品经理。你的经验将帮助您做出更好,更明智的决定。

I’m a little bit less concerned about the last two criteria (i.e. communication skills and technical skills), because I do think some new college graduates are pretty good at these two areas.


But, overall, I think that most college graduates are better off by working in one or several functional areas in the company before transitioning to product management — e.g. sales, sales engineer, post-sales consultant, research & development, support, etc. are all good starting point for your first job after college.

但是,总体而言,我认为大多数的大学毕业生先在公司中的一个或几个领域工作,然后再转型为产品经理要更好一些- 如销售,销售工程师,售后咨询,研发,支持等等,这对于你大学毕业后的第一份工作都是一个很好的起点。

Of course, there is always exception — some kids are so bright and capable that they can become a product manager in no time. But, I think for most people, you’ll be a better product manager if you spend your time to hone your skills in each of the areas above before you move into product management.


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