《伟大产品背后的那些伟大的女性产品经理(III)》–GOOGLE ADWORDS–Jane Manning:有异议很正常,产品经理就是要克服异议!

I’m sure all of you have heard of Google’s AdWords. You know that this product is what fuels the Google empire. To be specific, AdWords is currently 16 years old, and last year alone it generated well over $50B in revenue.

我相信你们都听过Google’s AdWords。你知道这个产品是谷歌帝国的燃料。具体来说,AdWords目前已有16年的历史,仅去年一年,它就创造了超过50亿美元的收入。

What I’m guessing most of you don’t know, however, is just how this industry-defining product actually came to be.And especially how close this product came to never happening at all.


The year was 2000, and the hardest part about the AdWords project was simply getting agreement that they could work on it.


The core idea had support from Larry Page, but the idea immediately encountered some pretty strong resistance from both the ad sales team, and the engineering team.

这个核心想法得到了拉里·佩奇(Larry Page)的支持,但这个想法立即遭到了广告销售团队和工程团队的强烈反对。

Jane Manning was a young engineering manager that was asked to serve as product manager for this effort to try to get it off the dime.

简·曼宁(Jane Manning)是一名年轻的工程经理,她被要求担任产品经理,以完成这项工作。

The new sales team, under Omid Kordistani, was off to a strong start selling keywords to large brands and placing the results at the top of the search results, highlighted as an ad, but still very prominent, much in the style that had been done in search results at other companies, including at Netscape where Omid came from.Sales was nervous that this idea of a self-service advertising platform would diminish the value of what the sales team was trying to sell.

新的销售团队,在Omid Kordistani的带领下,迎来了一个强劲的开局,把关键词卖给大品牌,并把结果呈现在搜索结果的顶部,作为一个广告突出显示,但仍然非常突出的是,这种风格在其它公司的搜索结果中已经这样去做了,包括Omid来自的网景。销售人员担心这种自助广告平台的想法会降低销售团队想要销售的产品的价值。

And the engineers, which had been working so hard to provide highly relevant search results, were undersandably very worried that users would be confused and frustrated by ads getting in the way of their search results.


Jane sat down with each of these people to get a deeper understanding of their concerns. Some were just plain uncomfortable with advertising.Others were worried about cannibalization.


Once Jane understood the constraints and concerns she was able to advocate for a solution that she believed would address the issues yet enable countless small businesses to get a much more effective advertising solution. Jane also was able to persuade one of Google’s earliest and most respected engineers, Georges Harik, of the idea’s potential, and he helped to bring along other engineers.

一旦简理解了这些限制和担忧,她就能够提出一种解决方案,她认为这种解决方案可以解决这些问题,同时也能让无数的小企业获得更有效的广告解决方案。简还说服了谷歌最早也是最受尊敬的工程师之一Georges Harik,让他相信这个想法的潜力,他还帮助把其他的工程师带了过来。

The product solution they ended up with placed the AdWords-generated ads to the side of the search results, so they wouldn’t be confused with the salesperson-sold ads which were displayed on the top of the results.


Also, instead of determining placement based solely on the price paid, they would use a formula that multiplied the price paid per impression with the ad’s performance (click-through-rate) to determine placement, so that the best-performing ads – the ones most likely to be most relevant to users – would rise to the top, and the worst ads would be unlikely to be displayed at all, even if they were sold at a higher price.


This solution clearly differentiated for the sales team, and also ensured quality search results, whether paid or organic.


Jane actually wrote the first spec for AdWords, and worked side by side with the engineers to build and launch.


This is yet another example of how there are always so many good reasons for products not to get built.In the products that succeed, there is always someone like Jane behind the scenes working to get over each and every one of the objections, be they technical or business or anything else.


Jane took a break to start a family and is now back at Google once again, this time helping out the YouTube team.


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